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About us - Lets know our objective more in brief

The objective of 'Txt Loan Site' is to provide the list of all good text and short term loan merchants/lenders under one table. Lenders listed here match your details with the top payday loan lenders under their kitty and land you on the lenders site who eventually accepts your loan application. All this process happens while you stay online. Anybody who is in need of short cash advances can go through the list of lenders listed below and apply through one. We are constantly trying our best to list as many good lenders here who provide wonderful after sales service and earn your good customer feed aback. We will appreciate your feedback for the lenders listed below so that it helps us to consolidate our comparison table with best of the lender listings only. Such simple steps will help us clean this industry for better customer service.

We have tried to list down some top text loan providers here many of which offer short term payday loans also. All the lenders are listed based on their low APR rate and customer satisfaction. We completely understand the objective of customer satisfaction and for this we always put efforts to increase direct and returning visits to this site; which is only possible if you are satisfied with the loan taken. The good point for using this site to get a text loans is that, the lender will get to know that you have applied through us and this makes lenders work hard on their customer services part in order to rank higher on our comparison table. The business of comparison marketing is very profitable for text loan merchants if they manage to secure the top place on the table, but this can only be possible if they provide good after sales services to their customers. So indeed this method of payday text loan service surely puts pressure on lenders to improve upon their services as opposed to applying for a txt loan product through their site directly. We wish you have a good experience here.

Objective of Text Loans :

The major objective of this loan services is arranging the best cash services offered by the UK lenders to its customer. Our executives take all the steps in making the customer satisfaction at the top. And our main aim is the build the customer trust so that he uses our services in future and also refers us on the basis of trust he gained through us.

Benefits you get when you apply for loans with us :

Quick approval & fast decision :

 When you think about text loans Via mobile sms, we on the basis of your requirement forward your application to the best match lender, so that you can get sure approval and in quick time get the cash in your pocket.

No broker fees charged :

 We never charged broker fees from you when you apply through us; the only extra amount you pay is the interest which differs according to the lender who is providing you the loan.

Your data is secured :

 Forget about the misuse of your data and information you have entered while applying for Text loans either through sms or online. It is 100% secured and safe as we follow all the standards and techniques of data protection and we only share it with lender who is best suited to you and not to any third party.

You can be part of many financially critical situations in your life when you have to fulfill demands of your family and household and you are short of cash at that time and in any case the financial demands have to be met, for example your kids school fees or some important household demand. These situations makes a person go for a loan. As we all know that availing a loan in UK is very easy as the services are offered in abundance online and many lenders or brokers are ready to fill your pocket with cash you required. But you must be careful while opting for financial loans because sometime you get into trap of lender and coming out of that is very difficult. text loans from txtloansite.co.uk can help to obtain fast cash without any hassle.

Meet the basic criteria and get approval up to £100 :

At txt loan site whenever you go with payday loans or Text loans you have to go through basic criteria and without meeting them you cannot borrow a loan in UK. You must be earning at the current and must be UK citizen over the age of 18 and furthermore you should have active banking account for further cash transactions. If you can meet all these criteria’s then simply you are welcome to apply for text loans today.

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