About us

Textloansite.co.uk is a free loan matching service. We offer an online loan application platform which is affiliated with a large network of lenders based in the UK. Every application submitted on our panel is forwarded to multiple lenders so as to increase the chances of loan your approval. All these lenders that we contact are licensed financial service providers of the UK. So you can be sure of security and confidentiality of all the information shared through our website.

We do not contact any applicant for offering any service or products. We simply send your details to the lenders for processing of your loan request. The lenders could therefore contact you to offer a quotation via phone or email if your application is approved.

Applying through our website gives you the benefit of reaching out to multiple lenders in one go. As a response, you can get multiple quotations to compare and choose the best loan proposal. However, it may be considered that we cannot guarantee a loan approval. Your application can only be approved on basis of your financial circumstances.

To know more about our services please contact us if you have any queries.

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