Privacy Policy

By submitting a loan application on this website you confirm your interest in borrowing short term cash advance online. It also confirms that you grant us the permission to forward your information to the registered lenders in the UK who may contact you to offer their best loan proposals.

All the personal details provided by you would remain secure and would not be used by us to contact you and offer any product or service from our end. Once your information is forwarded to lenders, you could be contacted by these lenders via phone or email to offer you loan proposals and other related services & products that might be of interest to you.

We would not contact you in any case. But in case you receive any call or email from any individual claiming to be our representative, please inform us immediately as this could possibly be scam.

This privacy policy section gets updated with time and changes in industry regulations. We recommend checking this section every time you submitting an application through this website. Even if you have read this section earlier, just review it quickly to make sure there are no additional changes.

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